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Careers in Al Ain Dairy


Key Account Manager                            
Sales Supervisor
Driver cum Salesman
Civil Engineer

Career Opportunities in AlMarai

Req ID 22982 - Posted 23/09/2015 - Saudi Arabia  -  Riyadh  -  FIS - KSA
Information Technology / Software  -  Any Nationality  -  Male
Req ID 22981 - Posted 23/09/2015 - Saudi Arabia  -  Riyadh  -  FIS - KSA
Information Technology / Software  -  Any Nationality  -  Male
Req ID 23874 - Posted 23/09/2015 - Saudi Arabia  -  Riyadh  -  Support Services-KSA
Administration / Clerical Support Services  -  GCC National  -  Male
Req ID 22141 - Posted 22/09/2015 - Saudi Arabia  -  Riyadh  -  Procurement
Procurement / Purchasing / Sourcing  -  Any Nationality  -  Male
Req ID 25463 - Posted 22/09/2015 - Saudi Arabia  -  Al Kharj  -  Support Services-KSA
Information Technology  -  Any Nationality  -  Male
Req ID 25464 - Posted 22/09/2015 - Saudi Arabia  -  Al Kharj  -  Support Services-KSA
Information Technology  -  Any Nationality  -  Male
Req ID 16907 - Posted 22/09/2015 - Saudi Arabia  -  Al Kharj  -  Capital Projects - KSA
Project Management  -  Any Nationality  -  Male
Req ID 18361 - Posted 22/09/2015 - Saudi Arabia  -  Riyadh  -  FIS - KSA
Information Technology  -  Any Nationality  -  Male
Req ID 22962 - Posted 22/09/2015 - Saudi Arabia  -  Riyadh  -  FIS - KSA
Information Technology / Software  -  Any Nationality  -  Male

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Your Fist Online Business

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Sales Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Sales Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Sales Jobs in Sharjah

Sales Jobs in Sharjah

Fly Dubai New Jobs

Monday, 21 September 2015

Dubai Airport New Vacancies

Ready to be part of the future of aviation? Below are all the exciting current opportunities available at Dubai Airports. Please be aware of recruitment fraud and use this portal as the only place to apply for a future with Dubai Airports.
Click here for new vacancies.

5 Effective Work Habits For Fresh Graduates

Discover the 5 most effective work habits for freshers starting out in the working world.

 Being new in the working world, I am sure you are eager to show off your newfound skills and knowledge. However, out there in the working world some basic work effective habits can increase your productivity. By being consistently effective at your work increases your chances of success in your career. The 5 effective work habits are:
1. Volunteer For Assignments One of the best ways to signal that you are a keen learner and are not afraid of hard work is to volunteer for assignments. Especially assignments that no one seems interested to do. However, before that do assess your own skills and knowledge to see if you can confidently accomplish it. If you are confident in completing the task in full and perfection, go ahead and volunteer for it. However, do remember one thing. Under promise and over deliver on the assignment you volunteered. Do not be too confident that you turn a perfect opportunity into mess. Once you start the project, see it till the end. You would be seen as someone who is courageous enough to take on additional assignments. You would also be seen as someone who follows through in your work. This is the first habit you need to internalize.

 2. Be Nice To People I am sure we have all heard this often enough. Be nice to people regardless of their rank and designation. It sounds philosophical but when you are nice to people they go out of their way to help you. And being new in an organization you would never know what sort of help you would need. Colleagues often like to work with nice talented people. When you have this effective work habit you increase the chances of people wanting you to work on their team. Being nice to people is just common courtesy. There is nothing extra ordinary about this particular habit that you need special skills. A smile in the morning and a “Good Morning” is a good start. In this day and age, people working in pressurized environments often use stress as an excuse when they blow up. Is this necessary? Nice is often reciprocated by nice. In fact, it can lower your stress level.

3. Prioritize Your Work We all love to start work on things that are close to our hearts. However, often these may not be the most urgent and important in our list of tasks in the workplace. When you select things you are more interested in rather than work that is more important or urgent, you lower your chances of success. Have a list of things to do according to its strategic importance to your company. Know your role in completing the tasks at hand in order to achieve that corporate goal. When you prioritize your work, you are more productive and that increases your chances of career success.

4. Stay Positive As someone new in the working world it is very easy to feel down because you are new. You are not used to the work system. You have new people to deal with and people in the working world who behave very differently from school. It takes a lot of getting used to. There will be office politics to deal with regardless of how little. Be above all these and stay positive in the face of challenges. When you are positive you remain focused on your goals. You make better decisions and therefore become more productive.

5. Highlight A Problem But Bring Solutions The last effective work habit of the five effective work habits is to bring solutions each time you highlight a problem to your boss or management. You need to remember that when you bring problems and not solutions, it is often construed as complaining. To avoid that label, offer solutions. A range of possible solutions also indicates to your boss that you have thought this through before approaching him/her with a problem. Have in mind a recommended solution among those you suggested.

 These are the 5 effective work habits I constantly drill into new employees who are fresh graduates in our company. At first glance, these may seem like common sense. However, in actual working environment people tend to sometimes forget these very basic effective work habits. And don't practice them often enough. Internalize these and consistently practice them to increase your chances of success.

 Resource Box/SIG line: Long Yun Siang or Long, as he is popularly known runs with his wife Dorena as their way of paying it forward. Their website – based on their real life experiences - provides tips, tools and advise for newbies pursuing career success.

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Sales Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Sales jobs in Dubai

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Sales jobs in Qatar

HR jobs in UAE

Banking jobs in UAE

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Sales man jobs in UAE

Audit jobs in UAE

Office assistant jobs in UAE

Sales Jobs in UAE

Accounting jobs in UAE